Friday, October 30, 2015

Monkey Monkey Underpants!

This clip from The Gilmore Girls always makes me laugh. This is very much what my brain sounds like at night... you know, when I want to go to sleep.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Nearly Died Today

I blog far more regularly HERE. It's called YOUR DAILY DOSE, but it's not daily anymore. My most recent post is my Favorite 25 Movies. 

Well, it's Thursday and that means Grey's Anatomy is on tonight. I just can't stop watching that show. It gets kind of annoying or sad or whatever and I think I'm done with it... and then BAM! it reels me back in. Tonight the resident in charge of Derek's case/death begins at our favorite hospital. It's gonna be a rocky road. Ergo, I can't help myself from watching. Like I said before about this one... despite all the things that bother me there are always moments of greatness. I don't want to miss one!

This is a blast from the past. Season 2. Quite possibly the best season of the show. More specifically it's from the 2-parter called It's The End of the World As We Know It. Quite possibly the best two episodes of the show. Before we get to the "featured scene," I'm going to give you a 6 minute video that pretty well sums up the entire two hours. If you've watched this already (not the first time I've posted it OR you remember watching it) skip this first video.

This is the one I'm actually featuring for today:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Best Case Ever!

If you follow this blog with any sort of regularity you will have noticed that I hit a dry spell again. Sigh.

Ah well, it's not all lost. I decided to go through my videos saved to Favorites in YouTube, so that I can (once again) shower you with clips from shows current and cancelled.

This one is from Castle. It always cracks me up when they learn about a case, and it's super strange, and he says "best case ever!"

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sunday Night Openers

Once Upon A Time

Those are the two shows that premiered on Sunday, Sept. 27.

At the end of last season, the energy of the Dark One had to go somewhere. Emma, daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, assumed that dark energy in order to save Regina, the Evil Queen. Why? Well, Regina spent a great deal of time and effort to become one of the Good Guys, and Emma didn't want to see that all be for naught. Besides, she thought she could somehow contain it. The show opened with Emma back in the Enchanted Forest and everyone else trying (and succeeding) to get there. It looked like everything might be A-Okay, but then time jumped two months and everyone landed back in Storybrooke (with no memory of the preceding two months) and Emma went Dark. This show excels at putting a twist on the fairy tale. I've loved watching Regina become good. I suspect that Emma's trip to the dark side (and back) will be equally entertaining,and well written. This season is off to an excellent start. I give it a A.

This is a brand new series. A slew of people training to be FBI agents go to Quantico. One of them is a terrorist. No, we don't know who. But, the show fast forwards to a successful attack and one agent is framed (so we know that SHE isn't the terrorist), but she doesn't know who is. At the end of the episode she is on the run, and I suspect the rest of this season will be her piecing together the pieces of this puzzle to clear her name. I don't know yet if this one is a winner, but it was interesting enough that I'll watch it again.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Just Another Friday Night... in Hawaii

Friday nights are now slim viewing on TV. I guess most people aren't sitting in front of the TV then. Of course, aren't most people now DVRing everything??? Seems to me that the networks would structure accordingly.

The only thing I watch on Friday is Hawaii Five-O (9:00pm, CBS).

Unlike so many other season premieres, which were disappointing, Hawaii Five-O nailed it with a kick-butt season opener. As this show moved into its sixth season, I feared that it may be done with new ideas. Not so. I'm very pleased with how this one went and hope it just keeps on keeping on.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thursday Night Premieres (9/24/15)

Grey's Anatomy
How To Get Away With Murder
Heroes Reborn

What do these shows have in common? They all premiered last Thursday,  9/24/15.

The first three are all on ABC and all written under the Shonda Rimes umbrella. I'm not sure what I think about that umbrella. And still... I can't stop watching. I'm not sure what that says about ME.

Let's tackle them one at a time.

We've seen so many main characters leave this show. Each time, I think to myself, "Well, this is gonna be bad." And it is. It always IS. I remain firm in my opinion that this show was best in its first three seasons. In fact, I think it was stellar in its first three seasons. After that... it's had stellar moments. When Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) decided he wanted out of his contract last season, and the show decided to kill off his character (as opposed to... well, anything else), I just wasn't sure that this show would survive his loss (in a long string of losses). And my jury is still out. I'm not convinced that we can resuscitate this show with that sort of hit. The opener hinted at what made Grey's great (IMO it was the bizarre medical cases that came through the ER/hospital... and the ways those cases impacted or intersected the lives of our favorite characters) with two girls who were hit by a train. Yes, I said a train. And then it took a turn for the PC and I felt an agenda slammed down my throat. I'm really tired of that. I just want good story. So, I give it a C.

SCANDAL (9:00pm, ABC)
This show has been guilty of slamming agenda since Day One. I mostly watch it to see what TPTB want me to think about things so I can take a hard turn in the other direction. That... and this show has Scott Foley on it. I'll put up with a lot to watch Scott Foley. Just sayin'. There was very little Scott Foley in the premiere. I give it a D+. I know you can do better people.

I like this one least of all. Last season it was all confusing with flashbacks. I think Viola Davis consistently gives an amazing performance... but everyone else... meh. This season they are really bringing out the "cray cray" (that would be Crazy) in all of the characters. If the goal here is to convince America that lawyers are all whacko, they are succeeding. I give it a solid D.

I was really looking forward to this one. Before I can address what I saw on Thursday night, I must say just a few words about this show's predecessor, Heroes. Heroes had an amazing first season. Really Phenom. After that, it went into a steady decline that became a train wreck in Season 4 (and led to cancellation). I really hope that Tim Kring has written beyond Season One this time. That said, I think I went into this one with unrealistic expectations. Based on the trailers, I was expecting more familiar faces. Turns out, it ain't so. Ergo, I would've liked it better if I wasn't misled with the trailer. Now that I've readjusted my expectations, I think I'll like this better. I was very disappointed right after (probably earning this one a "D" a few days ago). Now, I give it a B, with crossed fingers... because it could go either way.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wednesday, 9/23, Premieres

Wednesday was a slow note at my house... in terms of TV.  So, if you watched things I didn't, please dish.

I really like this show. It's been fun watching the kids grow up on TV. I also like that all of the kids are such good actors. The season opener focused primarily on the Haley/Andy relationship. I laughed all the way through. Good for you, Modern Family, for actually being a funny show:)

Nashville began its fourth season. Wow. Time flies. What I like most about this show is that it's soapy with a wonderful blend of music. In some ways, the music feels like a character on this show. It's that important. The show begins with almost all of the couples in crisis. (I said it was soapy.) Ironically, Deacon and Rayna are the most solid... and that is saying something, because they've been on a roller coaster since this thing started! Let the games and the music begin!!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tuesday, 9/22, Season Premieres

I'm slowly clearing out my DVR... watching all of the shows that premiered last week.

Let's take a look at Tuesday, 9/22, and I'll give you the break down on what I think. If you watched something on Tuesday night that I didn't... share it in the comments. If you also watched any of these shows and have something you want to share... do it!

NCIS (8:00, CBS)
Last season ended with a cliffhanger. Our MC, Jethro Gibbs, was shot. Jon Cryer guest starred as a surgeon (well done, Mr. Cryer) and saved Gibbs' life (I know, shocking!). However, the
Gibbs post-shooting is not the same as Gibbs pre-shooting, which I suspect will change the tone of the show for a while. That's good. NCIS has been on a long time. It needed a bit of shaking up. The original show remains my favorite in the NCIS line-up. Looking good for Season 13. Can you believe that???? This has been an "A" show since the beginning.

NCIS: New Orleans (9:00, CBS)
This one is growing on me. I wasn't all that crazy about this spin-off last year (season one) in the beginning. Scott Bakula's southern accent comes and goes. But, I like Scott Bakula as Pride. I felt like we didn't really get to know anything about the team (LaSalle and Brody) until the end of the season. And that's when I began to really enjoy the show. I had hopes that the recurring character of Abigail Borin might become a full-time cast member. Alas, no. But the show did add an FBI agent that was recurring last season. And their computer guy looks like he's gone full-time this season. Sometimes it takes a while for a cast to come together. Not going to grade this one yet. I think it's about to come up from the C of last year to something better.

This show is based on the movie by the same name. I'm operating at a bit of a disadvantage, because I didn't see the movie. However, I loved the TV show. I had big hopes for the pilot, and it didn't disappoint. I'm totally hooked. I give it an A.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Rest of Monday Night

You know what happens when you take an idea that is really just half cocked and publish it on your blog? You forget stuff. Yep. Forget stuff.

On my previous post, I told you what I thought about the Monday night premieres. I forgot ABC. Oops.

DANCING WITH THE STARS didn't actually premiere last Monday, but the Monday before that. Because they have 13 couples this season (rather than 12) they had double elimination this past week. That meant all the couples had to learn two dances this week. One for Monday night (followed by an elimination) and one for Tuesday night (followed by an elimination). I must say this season there are some really good dancers. More than there have been in past seasons. Usually I can pick out the Top Four pretty quickly. This season there are actually six, and possibly seven, that are contenders. That is pretty darn fantastic. If you like dancing, this is shaping up to be a great season. I give it an A.

CASTLE (10:00, ABC)
Castle just kicked off Season 8. I don't know if you were wondering, but I was thinking, "What else can they do? I mean, really, they've done it all. They even got married last season." Well, they found something fresh and exciting. I'm not gonna spoil it for you, but the first episode of the season was ZOOM. Action. Action. Action. I'm thinking season 8 won't be dull... at all. I give it an A.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Monday Night Kick-Off Review (this is NOT a Football post)

I haven't posted here for a while... not since a few months ago... and my largely unread series on JJ Abrams.

 However, we've just entered into a new fall season of TV. I'm going to try and help you be more aware of what's on (and how the things I watch are faring... in my humble opinion).

So, let's look at Monday's night of programming. I'm only going to address the things I watched, so if you watched something else and have an opinion about it, please share in the comments:)

This is a new sitcom. It kinda reminded me of Modern Family in that the show explores all the branches of one family. It was different in that it segmented into four separate stories. The first three featured each kid (who are all adults, some with their own families). The last segment featured the family coming together for the father's (very bizarre) birthday party. It was funny, and I laughed plenty. So, the jury is still out on this one, but it shows promise.

SCORPION (9:00pm, CBS)
I think Scorpion was the best new show of last season. I was really looking forward to this season and am well pleased with the first episode. For those of you unaware of this show, it's based on the real life of Walter O'Brien. The guy is a genius and leads a team of other geniuses to solve problems. In this episode, the government knocked a Chinese satellite out of orbit (quite deliberately) but then had a bigger problem when it's trajectory would cause it to land in CA. Since the satellite had nuclear material on it, that would have taken out a big chunk of CA. So, the team is called in to solve what the government cannot... how to change the trajectory so that it lands in the ocean. Not going to spoil it for you, but I'm still loving this show. I give it an A.

I'm not sure what season we are in... four? five? I confess that there are some things I really like about this show and some things I don't. I really like the characters and their interpersonal dynamic. I don't like that it's usually addressing international concerns. However, that's the show. Last season ended with Callan learning more about his biological father (in Russia), but still left plenty of mystery to be unraveled this season (and beyond). This season opened with Callan trying to get back the man who is the last link to his dad, who was shot at the end of last season and left in Russia. It was all a bit confusing for me. I give it a C.

GOTHAM (8:00pm, Fox)
This show just launched its second season. Season One was really well done. The show revolves around Detective Jim Gordon. He is a rookie detective with the Gotham Police Department. Bruce Wayne is a kid who just lost his parents. All of the Batman villains that we know and love (to hate) are in various stages of their development into "villains." Many are still children. Frankly, I love these shows that explore the unwritten background of very familiar stories. This season they've added the tagline "Rise of the Villains." We've met many of them, but I suspect we'll meet more. The first episode didn't disappoint. I give it an A.

This is another new show. It's premise is a bit difficult to follow. My mom opted out after ten minutes of trying to watch it. It takes place in the future (and has a ton of futuristic gadgetry). That confused mom. Aside from that, the main character is a young man who can see bits and pieces of the future (murders that are about to happen is the focus). He has a twin brother and a sister. When the government discovered their ability, they attached them to machines so that could prevent crime before it happened (yeah, people were locked up BEFORE they committed the crime). These kids lost a decade of their lives hooked up to the machine. Now they're free, but our MC is haunted by the murders and his inability to prevent them. He teams up with a detective in the pilot and the race is now on. The jury is out for me on this one. It has potential to be really good or really terrible.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

JJ Abrams: Believe

The last show in our JJ Abrams series is Believe. It premiered in 2014 on NBC and lasted one season.

Again, I thought this show was Fantastic. I don't know if it failed due to lack of promotion or if, once again, the public wasn't all that fond of strange science (I use science loosely) combined with the idea that our government just might not be the good guys. I said before that both of these ideas were explored in Fringe and Revolution (albeit in different ways). This is the first show that presents both of them up front (as opposed to focusing on one and segueing into the other). Turns out that it didn't make a difference.

I thought the actress who played Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) was outstanding, and I'm sure we'll see her again in something else.

Did you watch Believe? What did you think?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

JJ Abrams: Almost Human

Despite the disappointing lack of interesting in my JJ Abrams series, I'm pushing on. Besides, there are only two more shows left (and one that is slated as post-production, but I haven't seen anything about it on the air).

In 2013, Almost Human premiered on FOX. Frankly, this show was awesome. I can't think of even ONE thing I didn't like about it. And yet, it didn't last longer than one season.

Did you watch Almost Human? If so, did you love it or hate it?

Monday, May 11, 2015

JJ Abrams: Revolution

This is the next installment of JJ Abrams' TV shows. Revolution began in 2012 and ran two seasons.

In a previous post on Fringe I mentioned that the show was about fringe science until the final season. It took a hard turn and focused on an out of control government and the loss of personal freedom.

Fringe was cancelled.

So, JJ Abrams teamed up with Eric Kripke and brought us Revolution. This show focused on what would happen if the lights went out forever. Batteries didn't work. An instant thrust into the "stone age." Governments fall. Militias rise up. It gets pretty crazy. As in crazy good.

Then, in season two Revolution took a hard turn into fringe science. And it was cancelled.

Oh vey.

Two topics that don't go together: revolution and fringe science. You'd think he'd learn this one... but... Wait a few days... because Ooop! he does it again!

Did you watch the fabulousness that was Revolution? What did you think when it veered into fringe science?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

JJ Abrams: Alcatraz

Alcatraz lasted all of one season. 2012. One and done.

This is another show I didn't see, but after watching this trailer... I want to! Wowza. I don't know why why this one was cancelled; it looks fantastic!

Did you watch Alcatraz? Know why it was cancelled? What did you think?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

JJ Abrams: Undercovers

Still working our way through JJ Abrams' TV shows.

I didn't watch this one, so I'm relying on IMDB and YouTube. IMDB says that the show aired from 2010-2012, but there were only 13 episodes. Not sure precisely what that meant, but I suspect that the show was on. Then off. Then on. As a viewer, I imagine it was hard keeping up. (Maybe that's why it failed?)

Here is the trailer:

Did you watch Undercovers? Love it or hate it?

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

JJ Abrams: Person Of Interest

In 2011 JJ Abrams partnered with John Nolan to bring Person Of Interest to CBS (starring Michael Emerson and Jim Cavaziel). This is the ONLY JJ Abrams show still on the air (right now), but not the last he'll put out there.

This is not the show I was alluding to regarding personal freedoms and such in the last past (on Fringe), but I realize, even more than I did, that this issue is near and dear to his heart. Person Of Interest addresses personal freedom in a BIG way. Finch (Emerson) created an AI that monitors every electronic communication we make and gives that information to the government. In this scenario, Finch set it up so that they only received the Relevant Numbers (Social Security Numbers) of people who were "threats." Finch back-doored the system so that he got the Irrelevant Numbers (SS#s) of the people who would either die or kill someone (victim or perpetrator). However, he doesn't have the capacity to actually prevent these murders, so he seeks out Mr. Reese (Cavaziel).

Over the years, the scenarios have dived far beyond receiving an Irrelevant Number and stopping a murder. I'd tell you, but that would be spoiling it for you. And this show is worth watching from the beginning. It just gets better and better.

Have you watched Person Of Interest? Please tell me what you think....

Monday, May 4, 2015

JJ Abrams: Fringe

Lost premiered in 2004 (with much success). In 2008, Abrams launched a totally different show on Fox: Fringe (which also premiered with much success).

Fringe was about fringe science. Or weird science. Let's say extremely weird science. There were five seasons and seven openings of Fringe.

This video features all seven openings. The openings very much walk in lockstep with the content of the shows. Notice that the first six (the first four seasons) are all different, but the same. And then there is the last one (season five). If you want to watch the first and then skip to the last, jump to the two minute mark.

Season five was a totally different Fringe... a hard turn for the show that some viewers loved, but others not so much. And the network... not at all. It was cancelled mid-season (with a wrap-up for the show).

Let's look at a trailer for season one.

In season five, as I already said, the show took a hard turn from fringe science to much more basic issues of freedom and personal control versus government control. Fox cancelled it. However, JJ Abrams wasn't done with this idea, and it would be revisited several years later in a new show on a new network. The irony: it would be cancelled because this time he couldn't keep it about the concepts of freedom and personal control. In season two he introduced.... wait for it... fringe science.

He also went for show number three incorporating all of these issues in season one, and it was cancelled after season one. Do you see a picture yet????

Do you know the later shows to which I'm referring? Did you watch Fringe? What did you think about Season Five?

Friday, May 1, 2015

JJ Abrams: Lost

I started watching Lost (2004-2010) late in the game (2009). I bought it on DVD and caught up and watched the end with everyone else. Man, that show was excellent. Every episode was a surprise. Twist after twist after twist. The other thing you can count on: hard choices. For these characters, it was always one hard choice after another. I don't know about you, but I was constantly asking myself, "Could I make that hard choice if I had to do it?" Of course, until you walk that mile in those shoes, you just don't know.

This is just one of many hard choices...

Did you watch Lost? Were you on the edge of your seat week after week?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

JJ Abrams: Six Degrees

At the same time that What About Brian aired (2006-2007), so did Six Degrees. It was a busy season for JJ Abrams. Unfortunately, neither of these shows lasted more than one season. I couldn't find even a trailer for Six Degrees (what's up with that???). But, someone posted the episodes in snippets on YouTube. So, I cued up the pilot. I admit I'm intrigued. JJ Abrams is genius. Shame on those network execs who cancel his shows too soon. (Or don't adequately promote them...)

Did you see this one when it was on? If so, what did you think? If not, did you watch the clip? Are you now intrigued?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

JJ Abrams: What About Brian

JJ Abrams' third television offering was a show called What About Brian. I didn't watch this one. In fact, I didn't even know about this one until a few minutes ago. So, I can't cull through YouTube searching for the best video... since I don't know! I can tell you that the show aired from 2006-2007.

Here is the trailer:

Did you watch this one? If so, did you like it? Does making the trailer make you want to watch it?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

JJ Abrams: Alias

JJ Abrams' second TV series, Alias, actually began while Felicity was still running. In fact, Felicity was the inspiration for Alias. Apparently, about halfway into the first season it occurred to him how much fun it would be if Felicity lived this secret life. Like she was a spy or something. But, there was no way to incorporate THAT into Felicity. So, the idea germinated and Alias was born. Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner (who made appearances on Felicity), actually was a spy attending graduate school. Voila. The idea manifested and was a HIT. Alias was one of those shows with talent up the wazoo, tons of action, an over-arcing mystery, and just Awesome. The show aired from 2001-2006.

Also the show had Michael Vartan, who played Michael Vaughn. Sidney and Vaughn were a HOT couple. Just steamin'.

Did you laugh when they realized they were on coms? That older guy was her dad. Can we say AWKWARD???

Monday, April 27, 2015

JJ Abrams: Felicity

Arlee Bird posted recently on Tossing It Out (as part of his A to Z) that a blogger just shouldn't leave their blog unattended (no posts for a LONG time) without at least hanging up a Closed Sign. Well, this blog isn't closed. It's just been neglected.

So, I'm going to post clips again (with as much regularity as I can muster). To kick this event off, we're going to revisit JJ Abrams career in TV. Checking out his list on IMDB, I see that I've watched many, but not all, of his shows. I guess I'm going to have to rectify that!

His first TV show was Felicity. This one I've watched several times. I'd try to explain that obsession, but it would take more words than you want to read. The show lasted four years and it documented Felicity's four years of college. Many of the actors from this show will reappear on Abrams' future TV shows. Felicity aired from 1998-2002.

Did you watch Felicity? Are you a fan of JJ Abrams? 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's Touch God This Time, Boys

I'm about to admit to an oddity about myself.

I dislike watching sports. Pretty much all sports, excluding the Winter Olympics.

I like watching movies and (sometimes) TV shows about sports. Some of the *best* movies have been based on true stories about people in sports. I like the positive impact the game can have on people. It can change lives in fundamental ways. Good ways. People reach in and tap into their full potential, learn the value of teamwork, learn you don't always win, and come to terms with losing. It's all in there.

A great TV show about football was Friday Night Lights. Yes, I know it was a movie, too. But, this is a TV blog.

Here are two short clips from Friday Night Lights. It's my way of celebrating the World Series Super Bowl this Sunday.

TV Show: Friday Night Lights
Status: Cancelled

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It Was, Literally, The Perfect Crime

I've really enjoyed the take on the Holmes/Watson relationship as it's presented in CBS's TV Show, Elementary. Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as Watson... on the surface might not seem to work all that well. The reality is quite the opposite. This season, Season 3, they've introduced a new character, Kitty, who's received positive and negative feedback on YouTube (you know, one of many places on the internet where everyone assumes their opinion is wanted AND correct). For me, the jury is still out, but I think I like the layers her character adds to the dynamic.

This is a clip from this season, Kitty included. Enjoy... I particularly love Kitty's first line, "You should know I have a stun gun... just in case." Hahahahaha.

TV Show: Elementary
Status: CBS, Thursday, 10:00 PM Eastern Time

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Do Know Two Things

Have you noticed how shows are now doing a mid-season finale before they take that long hiatus before Christmas and come back in January (sometimes February). We now get cliff hung twice a season, as opposed to just once. I'm not sure if I like it or not...

Anyway, here is a scene from the mid-season finale of Arrow (from November 2014). I really like how the Oliver/Felicity relationship has developed. Yeah, I know that the comic books all tell the same story: Oliver and Canary (aka Dinah Laurel Lance) is his soul mate, love of his life, and they are destined for marriage and big things. And still... I love the Oliver/Felicity relationship. I'm not the only one; "Olicity" fans are lighting up YouTube.

TV Show: Arrow
Status: CW, Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Here's The Fun Part

The Mentalist is in its final season. It has evolved in the ten years it's been on the air (Has it been ten years??? I think it has!) Anyway, the show began with Patrick Jane, pretend psychic, keen observer of human beings, working as a consultant for the CBI (on all cases). He did help them solve all their cases, but his goal was to solve ONE case. Red John, a serial killer, killed his wife and daughter and he is determined to find and kill him. So, this show had the ongoing Red John arc for many, many years. When that was solved, there was speculation the show would end. It didn't. It rebooted and changed direction, dropping some cast members and adding others. It's now reached the end of the road... final season. To commemorate the ending, here is a clip from the beginning.

TV Show: The Mentalist
Status: CBS, Tuesday, 10:00 PM Eastern Time

Monday, January 26, 2015

We're Friends, Aren't We?

I confess I really like all of the TV shows that are digging into the "before lives" of our favorite comic book characters. I vividly recall when I started watching Smallville on DVD (several seasons into the show) and I was just BLOWN AWAY. I still love that show, btw. Anyway, the idea has caught on and there are now several shows reaching into the way back (having fun building these characters from the ground up to the people we KNOW they become). One such example is Gotham...

TV Show: Gotham
Status: Fox, Monday, 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Friday, January 23, 2015

You Just Want It To Be The Way You Want It To Be

This scene cracks me up every time I watch it...

Do the astronauts have weapons?

Hahahahaha. As much as I enjoy Joss Whedon's current show (Marvel's AGENTS OF SHIELD), the characters in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel... multi-dimensional wonders. It was life and death one minute and *this* the next. Just brilliant.

TV Show: Angel
Status: Cancelled

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

No More Sweet Poison... I Already Drank That Cup

There are too many things I love about the TV show Nashville to give you a comprehensive list. The music is amazing (considering that these are actors first, and musicians second, it's even more astounding). Though that may not be true for all parties on this show. But, the acting and singing are both just... *wow.* If you're the kind of person who scrolls the comments on YouTube, like me, you'll be surprised at the number of people who don't like country music but love this show... and the music on this show.

Interesting fact... the way this all started was that lesser known (as yet not hit songs) were found and used for the characters. To make it better, they brought in said writers to talk with the actors about the songs. That led to many songwriters deciding to co-write songs with some of the actors/musicians on the show. Now, the songwriters are as often on the set as the actors and work hand in glove with the show to make sure that it comes out right. I'd say that the partnership has bee extremely successful.

This was the season finale at the end of season 2 (I think). Maybe it was season 1. My memory is lousy. Anyway, really look forward to this one coming back from the winter hiatus.

TV Show: Nashville
Status: ABC, Wednesday 10:00 PM Eastern Time

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

There's An Art To This

Still going strong with the clips. For those of you not In The Know (I daresay all of you), but, hey, that's why I'm here! Cougar Town originated on ABC. Was cancelled, which invariably happens sooner rather than later when a show is Excellent. However, TBS stepped in and saved the day by picking it up. And new episodes continued. Well, Cougar Town is currently in its final season. But, there are some people, like me, who will enjoy it forever thanks to YouTube and TV shows on DVD.

TV Show: Cougar Town
Status: TBS, Tuesday, 10;30 PM Eastern Time

Monday, January 19, 2015

What Kind Of Punch Does a Jellyfish Like?

Another week has rolled by and I've only barely kept up with Life., not so much. I'm going to try and be more on top of things this week. However, I'm still so time-limited that I don't see a "real" TV post in the near future. So, let's watch a video, shall we????

TV Show: Scorpion
Status: CBS, Monday 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Truth or Penny Can

Well, it's Thursday and Battle of the Bands over on my other blog. If you like music, and have yet to check that out, I hope you'll stop over. In the meantime, I'm posting here ANOTHER TV clip. Enjoy!

TV Show: Cougar Town
Status: TBS, Wednesday, 10:30 PM Eastern Time

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I'm Just Sitting Here Reading A Book

Okay, still don't have that "real" post. So, another video clip for your entertainment...

TV Show: Alias
Status: Cancelled

Monday, January 12, 2015

I Could Watch This One On Repeat

I still don't have the time/energy to write a "real" TV post (you know something that looks at a TV show critically and offers an opinion), so how about a fun TV clip???

Holy cow. That was so funny, I'm going to save it and post it on my "Other" blog. My writer friends will LOVE it!

TV Show: Castle
Status: ABC, Monday, 10:00 PM Eastern Time

Friday, January 2, 2015


Okay, this stopped being a "new thing" about a month ago. But, it's still just for fun... YouTube covering the Boob Tube. This is a TV blog. Enjoy...

TV Show: Person of Interest
Status: CBS, Tuesday, 10:00 PM Eastern Time