Saturday, March 13, 2010


Out of necessity this will be short. Necessity you say? Yes. I really love the show EVERWOOD. It premiered on the WB and finaled on the CW. I discovered it way after it premiered when I bought Season One on DVD. I waited FOREVER for Season 2 to come out and am still waiting on Season 3. In point of fact, I may have to go back and rewatch Seasons 1 and 2 to even be able to follow Season 3. But, that's okay with me because EVERWOOD is probably the best "family" show since... I dunno. Most "family" shows of the 80s were sitcoms like THE COSBY SHOW, which was a great show, but this isn't that kind of show at all. If I had a teenager at home, which I don't, EVERWOOD is the show I'd be wanting to have the family make time to sit down together and watch. I am going to include some youtube footage for those of you whose interest may have gotten piqued. Just so you know, you can buy EVERWOOD at It's worth every penny:-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've been wanting to post on Lost: Season Six for a while now. I keep putting it off to see if the next episode busts my theory or gives it credence. So far, so good. Before I go any further, no matter how LOST winds up, I have to say that JJ Abrams is a creative genius. The first five seasons of LOST have been exquisitely written. Really magnificent. And there is this part of me that wants to go back and break down each one of them and revel in what made each of them so glorious. Alas, another blog(s). Season six is shaping up to knock them out of the ballpark.

Of course, in order to address season six I do have to revisit some of the past seasons because that is how we got here. One of the style choices that has worked so well throughout the show is how each episode is dedicated principally to a character or characters, in the case of Jin and Sun. For most of the show that was flashbacks for the audience to see what these people were like before the plane crash, but it always interfaced nicely with the current events on the island. Like I said, really good writing. Then we went through a period of flashforwards, which was odd, but it worked.

At the end of season five our survivors threw a hydrogen bomb into The Swan to counteract the electromagnetic energy being released. The idea was that it would prevent the necessity for "the button" to be pushed that released all of that built up energy. Desmond was late pushing the button and that caused their plane to crash. If they can change the past, maybe they can change the future, and their plane never crashes. Season five ends with the bomb detonating because Juliet gets pulled into the hole and smacks it until it detonates.

Now that we are up to speed, season six has broken new ground even for LOST! First thing is that everyone on the island is now in the same time/space continuum. That wasn't the case before the bomb went off. We had some people in the 70s and some in the present (from the second plane crash which was intentional). And Juliet was pulled out of the wreckage alive to bid adieu to Sawyer and say these fateful words that went totally over his head, "It worked." And then she died. From where he was sitting, not a damn thing worked. Juliet died and he was still in the jungle and not in LAX. He was not a happy man. Not that Sawyer has ever struck me as happy go lucky. Anyway, everyone was still on the island.

And everyone was on the plane. Now the juxtaposed scenes are not the past and not the future. The juxtaposed scenes are the alternate reality. It worked. JJ Abrams is proposing a theory that an alternate reality is a possibility. I am proposing that this story is going to end with an island ending and a non-island ending. They are both true. One is not more true than the other. They are equally true. Some will say that it is impossible for a person to exist in the same time/space in more than one place. JJ Abrams is bold. He is suggesting that something happened to create an alternate reality. I am not saying that it is or isn't possible. I am saying that it's brilliant.