Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I haven't posted anything here in TOO LONG. I got blase. I admit it. I still have a difficult time keeping up with my recorded shows on the DVR. Right now, the only primetime shows that I am keeping pace with are GREY'S ANATOMY and BROTHERS & SISTERS. That's it. Everything else is just stacking in the DVR. Ah well. I can address what I know.

Let's talk about GREY'S in this post. I have been meaning to do that for quite a while. I hear GA fans frequently say that the show was excellent for the first three seasons and then it went off the rails. They are right and wrong. Keeping George an intern was right because it was another connection for Meredith's sister, Lexie. Giving all of the new residents interns was WRONG. 1st year residents have no business training interns. Plus, it was way too many new people for the show to track. Bailey should have had George, Lexie, and two other interns who would have become major characters on the show. When she and Callie switched jobs that would have just gotten more interesting because she and George have divorce issues.

All of those new people were too much diversion. The cast member that ultimately suffered the most for it was George. That suffering became obvious in Season 5. However, it likely would not have happened had there been two more interns that became major players instead of a horde of new people distracting the focus from everyone. The other problem that the show had a really hard time overcoming was replacing Burke. Not sure what was up with that, but Seattle Grace had a really tough time finding a head of cardio thoracic surgery. WTF??? Dr. Hahn pulled a Houdini. Now you see her, now you don't. There never was any explanation. And no one ever replaced Addison when she left. She built the best neo-natal unit on the West Coast and then Richard just let it die.... You find the next best neo-natal surgeon and lure them to your hospital. Don't ya? In my opinion, that is who Arizona Robins should be -Addison's replacement. Don't give me another doctor from a totally new department. Replace the doctor that left.

I think T.R. Knight (George) would still be on the show if they had given him any kind of storyline. They didn't. He left. All because of too many interns in Season 4. Huge mistake. One would think that Shonda Rimes would have learned from that mistake. She did not learn from that mistake.

I get the idea of having a large cast so that your cast members can leave to do movies, etc. You are giving them freedom. Excellent. That means bringing in more people. I am down with that. Talented actors and actresses with layered backgrounds. Good stuff. Kim Raver. Kevin McKidd. Two excellent choices. Finally there is someone to head up cardio thoracics and someone to handle the ER.

The dumbass decision was to merge Mercy West and Seattle Grace. Once again, we are over-run with a bunch of residents and interns that we do not know and do not care about. It is another case of too many people. Our favorites are getting pushed onto the backburner for a bunch of people that we don't give a tinker's damn about. Haven't we done this already? Yes. How well did it go the first time? Not well. George died. Then Izzie left. Oh no. This is giving me a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Apparently, it occurred to Shonda that she was covering old ground, too, and this was a problem that needed solving. What will we do? I know. Let's bring in a crazy man with a gun to shoot off all of the extraneous people from Mercy West. He can maim some of our favorites, traumatize some of the others, and we will have a gameplan to start next season off with a *bang* so to speak. And that is just how last season ended and this season began. We now have TWO Mercy West people (I do believe that was my suggestion for Season 4 - 2 new people) and one very traumatized Christina. Some of our other faves are also experiencing PTSD, but they are rolling that out slowly. I loved Alex taking the stairs everywhere. He is seriously one of the best characters on the show.

Grey's does so many things well. It makes us care about the interpersonal relationships between the people. We care about the patients. I like the way that the problems of the patients often highlight the problems of the doctors in a bizarre way. The way that this show has fallen down twice now is by bringing on too many new people at once, to the detriment of the existing characters. I am not sure that the show can survive a third lesson in this department. So, Shonda, just don't do it again! That's all there is to it. Never more than two new people at once! Make it a rule. That said, I have high hopes for this season. I have already seen Christina Yang not want in on a surgery. That is something I thought I would never see. So, truly anything could happen!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last night was the series finale of 24. I have been on pins and needles since the season started. From the get-go there has been talk that Jack might not make it out alive. Horror of horrors. Honestly, it wasn't looking good. My last couple of blogs on my TV blog have been devoted strictly to this subject.

Let me tell what I love most about 24. First, it is like watching a 24 hour movie. Seriously. I got hooked on this show when I started buying it on DVD. It was like the unending action suspense movie. My heart rate went up and I thought, "This is like a cardio workout without the working out part." The next thing I liked was that it was good every season. There wasn't a single season that I walked away and thought, "Well, that one the writers really tanked." I also liked that MOST of the time that our President was a person of moral integrity who wanted to do the right thing. I saw how hard that choice was to make at times. Running the country is just not a job I want.

As for Jack and his counter-intelligence skills... I liked the fact that at the beginning he was always just a little bit behind. Sometimes the results were bad. However, he never gave up, and he always caught up a little at a time every show. It was like watching a runner gain ground. And sometimes lose a bit of ground, too. However, he was relentless. At the end, in the final hours, there was the beauty of watching it all unravel for the bad guys, watching Jack pick up speed, get in front of them, and put the whole ugly mess "down." Catastrophe averted. Bad guys lose.

This season started off more or less the same, but it took a bad detour. Our President, who is a person of moral integrity, became blinded by the forest for the trees. She wanted something that was GOOD so badly that she turned a blind eye to a whole lot of UNSPEAKABLE BAD to get it. When you do that, you tarnish the good, and it isn't good anymore. A lot of people tried to tell her that ~ people that she trusted. But she couldn't see it. And then it got ugly. And that is when I got that sick feeling in my stomach that our government (aka our President) was going to be the one to kill My Jack. Because he is the good guy who can't just let it go, even if it means that he is now working against the President.

Let me tell you, folks, it all came down to the wire. I thought My Jack was a goner. Fortunately, the President had that moment of revelation at the eleventh hour and FINALLY saw the bigger truth. As I am sitting on the couch, holding my breath, clutching the armrest, because My Jack is about to be executed by the Secret Service, the President makes "the phone call" and it is over. She then talks to him and apologizes. She says something like, "I'd give anything to take back the time. If I had listened to you, none of us would be in this mess. Now, you have two governments trying to track you down, one of them being ours. I, of course, will have to answer for what I have done here today. There will be consequences." And then she tells him to run. No one can become a ghost faster than My Jack.

Naturally, I was crying like an idiot. Not sure why. They didn't kill him. The President came to her senses and moral integrity actually won the day. It was a win.

After I clicked off the TV I thought about what she said, "I'd give anything to take back the time." And then she said something about having to live with the consequences for her choices. I suppose that is something to which we can all relate.

Monday, May 10, 2010


24 is in progress and I am writing. One of the things that I am going to miss most about 24 and Jack Bauer is how "in your face" Jack is. I guess I mean I like how smart and street savvy the guy is and how he always knows a trap ahead of time. He runs one step ahead of the bad guys, which is their downfall in the end.

One of the things that is killing me right now is that he has hit the point of no return. It is hard to watch. He has been here before... the man with nothing left to lose. After Teri died at the beginning of Season 2... When Kim left and cut him out of her life he hit bottom... After Audrey lost her mind trying to rescue him from China... Yeah, he's been down a lot. But, he thought he was going to get the big happy with Renee, and get to go live close to his daughter, and grand-kid, and it all went straight into the gutter when she was shot and killed.

There is lots of talk (for those who pay attention to this sort of chatter) that Jack might die at the end of this season. That is a kick in the teeth. And it makes sense. What is that saying? He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. The biggest irony of all will be if he is killed by our government ~ our President ~ for trying to expose the truth of a conspiracy that the President should never have covered up in the first place. I would hate it if terrorists took Jack out; I would cry like a baby, and boohoo to anyone who would listen about how I wished that the writers had chosen differently, and let Jack ride off into the sunset. However, having our President give the order to kill Jack gives a whole new meaning to "friendly fire," even if she's doing it via former President Logan, who is seriously lacking moral fibre. She wound him up and let him go knowing exactly who she was letting loose on Jack, and the world. That makes her ultimately responsible.

Therefore, if my worst fears come true and our government fires the silver bullet, I'm just not sure there is enough Kleenex to make it okay. It gives a whole new meaning to cry me a river.

Monday, April 12, 2010


For those of you who watch 24, you know that each episode always delivers a shocking plot twist. That is what makes 24 so great. Check that. It is one of the things that makes 24 so great. The concept of the show is different than anything else out there (it is 24 hours in real time for those of you living in a cave) and Jack Bauer kicks ass on a regular basis. It also scares the crap out of me every season. I have never thought so much about terrorism, or counter-terrorism, as I have since I started watching 24. I was also pretty oblivious to the mindset of terrorist groups. That is no longer the case. I don't understand hate on that kind of level, but I get that it exists. There are groups out there that find honor in killing themselves in order to kill others. Say that over and over and it makes less sense.

Anyway, Fox announced recently that this would be 24's last season. I was saddened by this news. However, apparently this was Kiefer Sutherland's choice as the driving force behind the show, and if he thinks it is time to shut it down, well who I am to argue? If you have been watching the show all along, you know that Jack has not had good luck in the romance department. His wife, Terry, died in Season One. I am really sorry if I am spoiling things for you. I was hopeful about his romance with Kim Raver's character (her name is lost to me at the moment) a couple of seasons back, but that didn't last. But, things were really looking positive for him and Renee this season. And I thought to myself, "Please let Jack have the happy ending if this is going to be the last season. His love life has been dryer than the Sahara Desert." Seriously. That man oozes sex and he isn't getting anything.

Well, my hopes and dreams for Jack's happy ending went down in a hail of bullet fire from a sniper after Jack and Renee finally made love. The man finally had sex after a three year dry spell ~ or something like that ~ it has been a LONG TIME. Let's put it this way, the sheets were still warm, when he got up and the sniper took his shot and took Renee out. It just doesn't get any worse than that. Well, they could have been having sex and he could have took her out during. That would have been worse. This guy can't catch a break. Obviously, it wasn't a highlight for Renee, either. I really liked Renee. I liked Renee and Jack together. They had chemistry and shared a similar enough background that she got him. In other words, he didn't scare her half to death. She knew he had made really tough choices for his country, and she respected it. In fact, she had made some really tough choices herself, so she felt his pain. These two understood each other on a visceral level. It was possible for a happy ending. I really wanted a happy ending, but it didn't happen. I found the above photo at this site and it also contains footage of the horrible death scene. Waaah.

I know why I didn't get my happy ending, mind you. They needed to keep Jack in the game. He was ready to jump ship on this terrorist plot and let CTU handle it. It wasn't his problem anymore. He had fulfilled his commitment to the president. Now, it is personal. Jack Bauer is something to see when he is doing the job. When terrorists start killing the people he loves, he is fierce. I know why they made this choice because Jack Bauer is now on a mission. We have been here before. When 24 launched Season One terrorists kidnapped Jack's wife and daughter. Things got very ugly. They got ugly for the terrorists, that is. It was 24 hours of fly by the seat, hold on to your armchair action. Watching 24 is like watching a 24 hour movie. I didn't think anything could top tht first season and then they just kept bringing it. Turns out they didn't need to kidnap Jack's family to really piss me him off at the end of the day. You get shot at enough times, you tend to get mad. Well, in this last season we've come full circle. It's gotten personal again. Things are just now getting interesting... I found this photo here and it has other interesting 24 stuff.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am going to post on Grey's Anatomy. I don't have anything thought-provoking actually. It is an excellent show that never ceases to amaze me. Shonda Rimes writes well and/or hires people who write well. She casts well. The talent is just wicked amazing. The best thing about that show is the character development. The layering of the characters is awe inspiring. The show is in its sixth season and we are still learning new stuff about the original characters. The show packs an emotional punch that as I writer I envy.

Mostly this post is happening because I am avoiding working on my own novel and preferred to spend my time surfing youtube. It's shameful, really. This first video is nice because all of the material comes from a 2-part epiosde, "It's The End of The World As We Know It," and the creator managed to incorporate a lot of dialogue in with the music. It is from season two of the show and is one of my favorite episdoes. So much is going here for all of the characters. Great video.

The second video just touched me. It was odd watching it, actually, because most of the couples didn't work out, BUT there was love there and the song was perfect. Anyway, I couldn't embed the video so you will have to click here to watch it. I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane as much as I did.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Out of necessity this will be short. Necessity you say? Yes. I really love the show EVERWOOD. It premiered on the WB and finaled on the CW. I discovered it way after it premiered when I bought Season One on DVD. I waited FOREVER for Season 2 to come out and am still waiting on Season 3. In point of fact, I may have to go back and rewatch Seasons 1 and 2 to even be able to follow Season 3. But, that's okay with me because EVERWOOD is probably the best "family" show since... I dunno. Most "family" shows of the 80s were sitcoms like THE COSBY SHOW, which was a great show, but this isn't that kind of show at all. If I had a teenager at home, which I don't, EVERWOOD is the show I'd be wanting to have the family make time to sit down together and watch. I am going to include some youtube footage for those of you whose interest may have gotten piqued. Just so you know, you can buy EVERWOOD at amazon.com. It's worth every penny:-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I've been wanting to post on Lost: Season Six for a while now. I keep putting it off to see if the next episode busts my theory or gives it credence. So far, so good. Before I go any further, no matter how LOST winds up, I have to say that JJ Abrams is a creative genius. The first five seasons of LOST have been exquisitely written. Really magnificent. And there is this part of me that wants to go back and break down each one of them and revel in what made each of them so glorious. Alas, another blog(s). Season six is shaping up to knock them out of the ballpark.

Of course, in order to address season six I do have to revisit some of the past seasons because that is how we got here. One of the style choices that has worked so well throughout the show is how each episode is dedicated principally to a character or characters, in the case of Jin and Sun. For most of the show that was flashbacks for the audience to see what these people were like before the plane crash, but it always interfaced nicely with the current events on the island. Like I said, really good writing. Then we went through a period of flashforwards, which was odd, but it worked.

At the end of season five our survivors threw a hydrogen bomb into The Swan to counteract the electromagnetic energy being released. The idea was that it would prevent the necessity for "the button" to be pushed that released all of that built up energy. Desmond was late pushing the button and that caused their plane to crash. If they can change the past, maybe they can change the future, and their plane never crashes. Season five ends with the bomb detonating because Juliet gets pulled into the hole and smacks it until it detonates.

Now that we are up to speed, season six has broken new ground even for LOST! First thing is that everyone on the island is now in the same time/space continuum. That wasn't the case before the bomb went off. We had some people in the 70s and some in the present (from the second plane crash which was intentional). And Juliet was pulled out of the wreckage alive to bid adieu to Sawyer and say these fateful words that went totally over his head, "It worked." And then she died. From where he was sitting, not a damn thing worked. Juliet died and he was still in the jungle and not in LAX. He was not a happy man. Not that Sawyer has ever struck me as happy go lucky. Anyway, everyone was still on the island.

And everyone was on the plane. Now the juxtaposed scenes are not the past and not the future. The juxtaposed scenes are the alternate reality. It worked. JJ Abrams is proposing a theory that an alternate reality is a possibility. I am proposing that this story is going to end with an island ending and a non-island ending. They are both true. One is not more true than the other. They are equally true. Some will say that it is impossible for a person to exist in the same time/space in more than one place. JJ Abrams is bold. He is suggesting that something happened to create an alternate reality. I am not saying that it is or isn't possible. I am saying that it's brilliant.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This post is going to be more talk, less watch. I've decided that if my writing career doesn't take off I could be the TV Fix It Person. What is a TV Fix It Person you ask? Well, a TV Fix It Person is someone who can see the moment when a show starts to tank and fixes it. A good friend of mine loved the show ROSWELL and has all three seasons on DVD. He loaned them to me. I really enjoyed Season One. Lots of talent on the show and good writing. Interesting concept. The only character I would have cast differently was Colin Hanks. It wasn't that he wasn't a good actor but if they knew they were bringing Emilie DeRavin on then they needed someone to have chemistry with her and it needed to be him or Kyle. I'm not sure what Adam Brody (The O.C, Gilmore Girls) was doing then but I would have cast him had he been available. I can see him having chemistry with Katherine Heigl even though he is geeky. He's cute geeky. Funny geeky. Lovable geeky. Heck sexy Summer on The OC fell for him. He's the hot geek guy; it would have worked. That is the only Season One thing I would have changed. Recast Alex (Colin Hanks). That's it. Best thing about Season One: Michael and Maria.

My friend seemed to think that Season 3 was where it went awry until I said, "Say what? Season 2 was when that boat started to spring leaks everywhere." So, I pulled out the discs going over the various episodes to narrow down exactly when the show started to sink. Season 2, Episode 5. That was when Future Max came back in time to break up Max and Liz all because ~ with his understanding of future events ~ because Max and Liz stay together Tess (Emilie DeRavin) leaves and they aren't as strong without her and their "unspecified" enemies kill everyone but Max. Liz tries breaking up with Max (that doesn't work) and eventually sets up a scene to make Max think that she and Kyle slept together (they didn't) but Max believes it and Liz achieves goal in pushing him towards Tess. She then spends the rest of Season 2 being angry at Max for betraying her for sleeping with Tess (say what?) and assumes no responsibility for her part in his making that choice (which makes me dislike her for the rest of the series). This was not good writing people. I call this mistake number one.

How to Avoid Mistake Number Two: Tess Getting Pregnant. Not long after this there is a two parter featuring the second set of aliens. This had already been set into motion earlier in the show (the fact that two pods arrived). A smart Liz would have taken one long look at Tess's doppleganger and seen her own personal loophole and a way out of a bad mess. As a bonus, Tess and Max left the doppleganger in town alone with Liz and Maria for quite a while, which would have afforded them an opportunity to get to know her. Is she good hearted or bad hearted? Basically it would have given them some options about her vs. Tess. On the plus side, this girl wasn't in love with Max. And she would have balanced out their power issues if/when Tess left. If I were Liz, I think it would have been worth checking out. Plus, she was virtually homeless and really needed help. It would have been a win/win. They could have hidden her in Maria's bedroom or Michael's apartment and had her practicing Tess's accent and when Tess left (per Future Max's prediction), she could have jumped in and filled the void with few people the wiser. Makes sense to me.

How to Avoid Mistake Number Three: Killing Alex. It was stupid and just bad contrived writing. No matter how you look at it, it doesn't make sense. All Tess had to do was ask for his help and he would have given it to her. She didn't have to mind trick him. That is why it is stupid and it doesn't make sense. They needed Tess to be bad and Alex wasn't working as a romantic interest for Isobel so this was what they came up with and it was terrible. If we had Adam Brody or someone who was working with someone (Isobel or Tess doppleganger) it wouldn't have come to this. If we still need actual Tess to be bad, so be it. Let her mind trick a professor at the college. That makes more sense. Let her be pregnant with the Michael doppleganger's baby and try to pass it off as "the king's baby" just to get home if she has to be pregnant. Have her mind tricking her own people at the end so they can all go home because that is the goal, right? The evil part would be that she has to knock out her own doppleganger and "replace" her. Liz and the gang find the doppleganger (who is alive but hurt) and realize that the real Tess is back and the plan to go home is a nefarious one. Michael doesn't leave for the same reasons he doesn't leave in the season 2 ending as it actually happened, which is how the door is opened. Tess is exposed. She's already in the "tube thing" and she goes home and everyone else stays. No one dies! End of season. Best thing about season 2 as is: Michael and Maria.

Had my season 2 fixes been in play a lot of the episodes would have played totally differently and there would have been so much more to work with. I could have been happy about Max and Liz. Liz would have had to own what happened with Future Max in season 2 and apologized to Max. He deserved an apology. And with the recast Alex I don't know how the chemistry would have worked out, but I think Kyle and Isobel would have made a good couple ultimately and Alex and doppleganger Tess would have been sweet and really different as a couple than everyone else on the canvas. It would have been really awesome for those awkward scenes to start to come together. I can see Alex being the one who would be most sympathetic to someone trying to fit into someone else's shoes and the fit being uncomfortable. It's in his nature to try and make it easier. And she is a girl who hadn't experienced anything sweet in her whole life. She'd lived in a sewer in New York. As a writer, can you imagine the dearth of material that they could have worked with there? They left it all on the floor, sent her packing, and killed off Alex instead. Stupid stupid stupid. I can just picture Michael's reactions to all of this if it's happening in his apartment (while she is still in hiding). On the outside he'd be all jaded. But on the inside, he's a big softie. I think that Kyle and Isobel would be a slower build. I think it would be one of those things that the audience sees coming before the characters do. It would actually take them by surprise.

Season 3 ~ With all of my changes in Season 2, I totally wiped their season 3. And that is a good thing because Season 3 sucked. Even Michael and Maria sucked wind and I didn't think that was possible. They brought on a newbie lawyer as a love interest for Isobel and they were married inside of a few episodes. Can we say contrived? Max spent most of the season worrying about his baby on another planet When it finally got to earth at the end of the season he kept it for all of one week before giving it up for adoption. (Boo Max) Liz spent the entire season still pissed about Max sleeping with Tess and ignoring her own role as the catalyst. It was awful.

So, with my changes the writers can actually do what they do best: write. Create. There is no Max's baby. There is no Tess. It is time to tell Max and Isobel's adoptive parents about their kids. This is the season where they get to do some of that fighting that Max was alluding to that required all four of them. The parents need to know. Let Max and Isobel be pleasantly surprised by their parents' unconditional love. Put the badge back on the sheriff and kick that romance into high gear between him and Maria's mother. The kids need his help. Kyle and Isobel get closer this season. Michael let Maria see his heart at the end of Season 2. Season 3 is not the time for backpedalling. Season 3 is the time for cohesiveness. Max thought they could only win if it was the four of them. He is about to learn it is not just superpowers that make you stronger. You're stronger together. Liz and Max. Michael and Maria. Kyle and Isobel. Alex and Tess doppleganger. Does that mean you never fight? No. Never make a mistake? No. Take note: my favorite couple down the line has been Michael and Maria and they are always making mistakes. They just know when to say sorry and I was wrong, too. If the show can stay true to the characters, it won't go wrong. When it starts writing contrived material to make something happen, it is going down.

Things with Michael and Maria should never have degenerated to a break-up in Season 3. I would insert video here, but YouTube has eliminated almost all "real" footage from this show.  Trust me when I say that the images and dialogue come fast and furious. The part where Maria breaks up with Michael is season 3 crap that totally pissed me off. It made Michael angry too (and rightly so). He stayed here (on earth) for her ~ just for her. And pretty much right after that she leaves him because Alex died (not his fault) and she quit writing and singing music (not his fault). He loves her and wants her to do whatever makes her happy. It is the one and only time that Maria acts totally out of character. In the past, she sees through all of Michael's masks to the guy underneath and gets him. This is more contrived storytelling. Bad bad bad. They had to wreck the only working plotline going on the show. However, Michael does being in pain really, really well. Gotta give him that.

Friday, February 19, 2010


This show was cancelled just when it was getting good. Shame on CBS. Bad call. There are times when the writers start out with a good idea and then they lose the thread. That wasn't the case here. It was only on two seasons but really great stuff. Awesome cast. Awesome writing. Big applause.

There is so much material on youtube. Most of it is clips set to music that you really only appreciate if you watched the show. So, it's there. Unfortunately, one of the best and most enlightening moments of the show is a clip from the pilot that youtube arbitrarily deleted the sound on (egads) which was Joan's first encounter with God and was, obviously, a life-changing and defining moment for her. I would have made it the first clip if I could. Alas, I cannot. This show addresses so many issues that I can't even begin to list them all but it starts with God's role in our lives and parlay that out a gadzillion different ways. It tackles relationships on every level (siblings, parents, marital, boyfriend/girlfriend, handicapped to the world/family/sexually, friendships, religions). Well, let's tackle this and just see what we come up with....Oh, to help explain a little bit on this first one. Joan's older brother was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident and the family is still dealing with that.

Okay, that was video number one. It made me cry. Moving on to video number two. God gave Joan the assignment of keeping Adam's piece out of the art show. She failed in the task. This is where the clip begins...

That was one of my all-time favorite episodes and another heart crusher. Joan broke Adam's heart in that episode and altered the course of their relationship. Terrible ramifications. We don't live in a vacuum. How can we do so much damage with such good intentions?

Okay, we've had so much angst. Fast forward to the end of this one. The last minute is the best. It is the school science fair and Luke (Joan's brother) and Grace (her best friend) collaborated on a project that sorta blows everything up in a good way.

And this is the after....

More Joan/Adam heartbreak and one of my favorite God scenes:

This is the last one I am including for this session and it, too, is from season one. I am not going to be the one to totally spoil it for you! It starts out rife with pain. Families are full of blessings and tragedy. Will (Joan's dad) is full of issues regarding his father and half-brother and they came knocking in this episode. Things just don't stay buried. However, it ends on a really good note.

I think these clips tell the tale. What do you think?????


I created this blogspace after writing a blog on my other blogspace, YOUR DAILY DOSE, about my television addiction. Riding in tandem with that vice is my youtube addiction.  Interestingly enough, I like to watch videos of my favorite TV shows and movies.  Shocking!  I have spent two hours sifting through VERONICA MARS material this evening.  I could write a boatload on that show and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to write a very long letter to Rob Thomas explaining how and why he killed an amazing show, but I figure that he's had a lot of time to ruminate on the subject and has likely figured it out himself by now.  It's amazing what you can learn simply by watching the show back to back; that is the advantage of having it on DVD.  If you haven't seen the show, seasons one and two are excellent.  Two has one flaw but the writers figured it out early on and took care of it.  Season 3 had a lot of potential but they deviated from the "formula" that worked so well in the first two seasons and that derailed the train.  However, there were still lots of good moments and major acting talent and if the writers could have convinced the network that they were going to get back to basics (go back to the old formula for season 4) I think they could have avoided cancellation.  They proposed something else entirely and the networks cancelled and rightly so.  However, that show was chock full of talent and they are all coming out of the woodwork and kicking a**.  VERONICA MARS was a powerhouse of a show and well worth the ticket.  Get on the rollercoaster because it is a hell of a ride.

This is from the pilot.  Our Veronica and Logan had a rocky start. 

You gotta love those firsts.  Defintely one of the best moments from season one.  They both walk away shell shocked.  Who was more suprised?  You be the judge.

Logan and Veronica have supercouple written all over them.  Well, this next clip is from the latter part of season 2 and you can obviously see that somewhere between that poignant first kiss and what you're about to watch things went awry.  It hurts my heart a little to watch this.

This is one of my favorite scenes ever from the show and it is from Season 3 (which I just heralded as bad bad bad) but it had its moments and this was one of them.  Love it love it love it! 

I tried to pick short scenes that packed the best punch. I hope you enjoyed and if you didn't watch the show before I tempted you into trying it out.  Please let me know what you think.  I love comparing notes!