Tuesday, May 5, 2015

JJ Abrams: Person Of Interest

In 2011 JJ Abrams partnered with John Nolan to bring Person Of Interest to CBS (starring Michael Emerson and Jim Cavaziel). This is the ONLY JJ Abrams show still on the air (right now), but not the last he'll put out there.

This is not the show I was alluding to regarding personal freedoms and such in the last past (on Fringe), but I realize, even more than I did, that this issue is near and dear to his heart. Person Of Interest addresses personal freedom in a BIG way. Finch (Emerson) created an AI that monitors every electronic communication we make and gives that information to the government. In this scenario, Finch set it up so that they only received the Relevant Numbers (Social Security Numbers) of people who were "threats." Finch back-doored the system so that he got the Irrelevant Numbers (SS#s) of the people who would either die or kill someone (victim or perpetrator). However, he doesn't have the capacity to actually prevent these murders, so he seeks out Mr. Reese (Cavaziel).

Over the years, the scenarios have dived far beyond receiving an Irrelevant Number and stopping a murder. I'd tell you, but that would be spoiling it for you. And this show is worth watching from the beginning. It just gets better and better.

Have you watched Person Of Interest? Please tell me what you think....


  1. I have not seen the show, but the premise is scary. Is it fiction? Now that's scary.

  2. I have seen this show too and love it. I hate to admit, but after I got rid of my cable box, I found it hard to keep up. So I will be getting the later seasons on DVD as soon as I can let loose some money from my tight budget.