Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Nearly Died Today

I blog far more regularly HERE. It's called YOUR DAILY DOSE, but it's not daily anymore. My most recent post is my Favorite 25 Movies. 

Well, it's Thursday and that means Grey's Anatomy is on tonight. I just can't stop watching that show. It gets kind of annoying or sad or whatever and I think I'm done with it... and then BAM! it reels me back in. Tonight the resident in charge of Derek's case/death begins at our favorite hospital. It's gonna be a rocky road. Ergo, I can't help myself from watching. Like I said before about this one... despite all the things that bother me there are always moments of greatness. I don't want to miss one!

This is a blast from the past. Season 2. Quite possibly the best season of the show. More specifically it's from the 2-parter called It's The End of the World As We Know It. Quite possibly the best two episodes of the show. Before we get to the "featured scene," I'm going to give you a 6 minute video that pretty well sums up the entire two hours. If you've watched this already (not the first time I've posted it OR you remember watching it) skip this first video.

This is the one I'm actually featuring for today:


  1. Thanks for the link to YOUR DAILY DOSE. You'd mentioned it in a comment before, but I didn't get that it was your other blog until now. I'm going to check it out.

    As for Season 2 being the best, the awards shows thought it's one of the two best along with Season 3. In 2006, the series won a Golden Globe (Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for Sandra Oh), an Emmy (Outstanding Casting for a Drama), a SAG Award (Outstanding Actress for Sandra Oh), and AFI's TV Show of the Year. In 2007, it won another Golden Globe (Best TV Drama), another Emmy (Best Supporting Actress for Katherine Heigl), and two SAG Awards (Best Actress in a Drama for Chandra Wilson and Best Ensemble). Some of those 2007 awards, such as the Golden Globe, would be shared between seasons.

  2. I really like the first three seasons best, though season one was a short one (maybe a mid-season replacement?). So, I like seasons two and three equally well. Funny that I'm in agreement with the critics. That almost NEVER happens!