Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Here's The Fun Part

The Mentalist is in its final season. It has evolved in the ten years it's been on the air (Has it been ten years??? I think it has!) Anyway, the show began with Patrick Jane, pretend psychic, keen observer of human beings, working as a consultant for the CBI (on all cases). He did help them solve all their cases, but his goal was to solve ONE case. Red John, a serial killer, killed his wife and daughter and he is determined to find and kill him. So, this show had the ongoing Red John arc for many, many years. When that was solved, there was speculation the show would end. It didn't. It rebooted and changed direction, dropping some cast members and adding others. It's now reached the end of the road... final season. To commemorate the ending, here is a clip from the beginning.

TV Show: The Mentalist
Status: CBS, Tuesday, 10:00 PM Eastern Time


  1. I LOVE this show. So much. Though I think it peaked in season 3. I don't think it regained its footing from that "false finale", if you remember what I am referring to?