Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why Is He Suturing His Own Face?

Trying a new thing here. Just for fun, going to post videos from the tube. That would be YouTube covering the Boob Tube. This is a TV blog. Enjoy...

TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
Status: ABC, Thursday, 8:00PM Eastern Time


  1. Strange. One doctor is so jealous it affects everything. And we're to trust that kind of professionalism? Not me. So glad it's just a story, right Robin?

  2. Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite shows. Of course, it was better in the beginning (and this is part of the beginning:)... but the short story is that Mark aka McSteamy slept with Derek's wife, causing Derek to leave her--and the state of NY--for Seattle. His wife, Addison, followed--eventually--but not before Derek became involved with Meredith. So, Mark shows up and flirts with Meredith--and that is when Derek saw him and punched him. This whole scenario made for excellent storyline for several YEARS. hahahaha. All of these actors are gifted and their chemistry is amazing--yes, the chemistry all the way around. Watching this reminds me that when I get my DVR cleaned up I might have to watch the first three seasons of this show on DVD for the umpteenth time!!!