Sunday, November 16, 2014

Was Any Of It Real?

Trying a new thing here. Just for fun, going to post videos from the tube. That would be YouTube covering the Boob Tube. This is a TV blog. Enjoy...

 TV Show: Revenge
Status: ABC, Sunday, 10:00 PM Eastern Time


  1. I would hope to never have to climb through the roof of an elevator. Besides the guys is so cute, why would one bother leaving? He must have been very bad to her.

  2. Dixie ~ This show is pretty complicated. The major plot in the first few seasons was the girl in the elevator (Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clark) returning to the Hamptons to get revenge on that boy's family, primarily his parents. They framed her father for a plane that crashed, killing hundreds of people. He went to prison and died in there (even though he was innocent). So, her goal was to take them down and clear her father's name. To do it, she cozied up to Daniel (the guy above) to get close to her targets (his parents). She went so far as to marry him and tell him she was pregnant when she wasn't. In turn, he shot her in the stomach and she nearly died in the ocean when she went overboard. Like I said... complicated.

  3. Oh no! Can you tell I only watch cook shows, art, craft, stuff like that?