Monday, May 10, 2010


24 is in progress and I am writing. One of the things that I am going to miss most about 24 and Jack Bauer is how "in your face" Jack is. I guess I mean I like how smart and street savvy the guy is and how he always knows a trap ahead of time. He runs one step ahead of the bad guys, which is their downfall in the end.

One of the things that is killing me right now is that he has hit the point of no return. It is hard to watch. He has been here before... the man with nothing left to lose. After Teri died at the beginning of Season 2... When Kim left and cut him out of her life he hit bottom... After Audrey lost her mind trying to rescue him from China... Yeah, he's been down a lot. But, he thought he was going to get the big happy with Renee, and get to go live close to his daughter, and grand-kid, and it all went straight into the gutter when she was shot and killed.

There is lots of talk (for those who pay attention to this sort of chatter) that Jack might die at the end of this season. That is a kick in the teeth. And it makes sense. What is that saying? He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. The biggest irony of all will be if he is killed by our government ~ our President ~ for trying to expose the truth of a conspiracy that the President should never have covered up in the first place. I would hate it if terrorists took Jack out; I would cry like a baby, and boohoo to anyone who would listen about how I wished that the writers had chosen differently, and let Jack ride off into the sunset. However, having our President give the order to kill Jack gives a whole new meaning to "friendly fire," even if she's doing it via former President Logan, who is seriously lacking moral fibre. She wound him up and let him go knowing exactly who she was letting loose on Jack, and the world. That makes her ultimately responsible.

Therefore, if my worst fears come true and our government fires the silver bullet, I'm just not sure there is enough Kleenex to make it okay. It gives a whole new meaning to cry me a river.


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