Friday, February 19, 2010


I created this blogspace after writing a blog on my other blogspace, YOUR DAILY DOSE, about my television addiction. Riding in tandem with that vice is my youtube addiction.  Interestingly enough, I like to watch videos of my favorite TV shows and movies.  Shocking!  I have spent two hours sifting through VERONICA MARS material this evening.  I could write a boatload on that show and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to write a very long letter to Rob Thomas explaining how and why he killed an amazing show, but I figure that he's had a lot of time to ruminate on the subject and has likely figured it out himself by now.  It's amazing what you can learn simply by watching the show back to back; that is the advantage of having it on DVD.  If you haven't seen the show, seasons one and two are excellent.  Two has one flaw but the writers figured it out early on and took care of it.  Season 3 had a lot of potential but they deviated from the "formula" that worked so well in the first two seasons and that derailed the train.  However, there were still lots of good moments and major acting talent and if the writers could have convinced the network that they were going to get back to basics (go back to the old formula for season 4) I think they could have avoided cancellation.  They proposed something else entirely and the networks cancelled and rightly so.  However, that show was chock full of talent and they are all coming out of the woodwork and kicking a**.  VERONICA MARS was a powerhouse of a show and well worth the ticket.  Get on the rollercoaster because it is a hell of a ride.

This is from the pilot.  Our Veronica and Logan had a rocky start. 

You gotta love those firsts.  Defintely one of the best moments from season one.  They both walk away shell shocked.  Who was more suprised?  You be the judge.

Logan and Veronica have supercouple written all over them.  Well, this next clip is from the latter part of season 2 and you can obviously see that somewhere between that poignant first kiss and what you're about to watch things went awry.  It hurts my heart a little to watch this.

This is one of my favorite scenes ever from the show and it is from Season 3 (which I just heralded as bad bad bad) but it had its moments and this was one of them.  Love it love it love it! 

I tried to pick short scenes that packed the best punch. I hope you enjoyed and if you didn't watch the show before I tempted you into trying it out.  Please let me know what you think.  I love comparing notes!

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  1. Just browsing through. Nice blog postings on TV. I actually left your blog up to hear the playlist songs, which are some great song choices also.