Saturday, March 13, 2010


Out of necessity this will be short. Necessity you say? Yes. I really love the show EVERWOOD. It premiered on the WB and finaled on the CW. I discovered it way after it premiered when I bought Season One on DVD. I waited FOREVER for Season 2 to come out and am still waiting on Season 3. In point of fact, I may have to go back and rewatch Seasons 1 and 2 to even be able to follow Season 3. But, that's okay with me because EVERWOOD is probably the best "family" show since... I dunno. Most "family" shows of the 80s were sitcoms like THE COSBY SHOW, which was a great show, but this isn't that kind of show at all. If I had a teenager at home, which I don't, EVERWOOD is the show I'd be wanting to have the family make time to sit down together and watch. I am going to include some youtube footage for those of you whose interest may have gotten piqued. Just so you know, you can buy EVERWOOD at It's worth every penny:-)

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