Thursday, April 30, 2015

JJ Abrams: Six Degrees

At the same time that What About Brian aired (2006-2007), so did Six Degrees. It was a busy season for JJ Abrams. Unfortunately, neither of these shows lasted more than one season. I couldn't find even a trailer for Six Degrees (what's up with that???). But, someone posted the episodes in snippets on YouTube. So, I cued up the pilot. I admit I'm intrigued. JJ Abrams is genius. Shame on those network execs who cancel his shows too soon. (Or don't adequately promote them...)

Did you see this one when it was on? If so, what did you think? If not, did you watch the clip? Are you now intrigued?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

JJ Abrams: What About Brian

JJ Abrams' third television offering was a show called What About Brian. I didn't watch this one. In fact, I didn't even know about this one until a few minutes ago. So, I can't cull through YouTube searching for the best video... since I don't know! I can tell you that the show aired from 2006-2007.

Here is the trailer:

Did you watch this one? If so, did you like it? Does making the trailer make you want to watch it?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

JJ Abrams: Alias

JJ Abrams' second TV series, Alias, actually began while Felicity was still running. In fact, Felicity was the inspiration for Alias. Apparently, about halfway into the first season it occurred to him how much fun it would be if Felicity lived this secret life. Like she was a spy or something. But, there was no way to incorporate THAT into Felicity. So, the idea germinated and Alias was born. Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner (who made appearances on Felicity), actually was a spy attending graduate school. Voila. The idea manifested and was a HIT. Alias was one of those shows with talent up the wazoo, tons of action, an over-arcing mystery, and just Awesome. The show aired from 2001-2006.

Also the show had Michael Vartan, who played Michael Vaughn. Sidney and Vaughn were a HOT couple. Just steamin'.

Did you laugh when they realized they were on coms? That older guy was her dad. Can we say AWKWARD???

Monday, April 27, 2015

JJ Abrams: Felicity

Arlee Bird posted recently on Tossing It Out (as part of his A to Z) that a blogger just shouldn't leave their blog unattended (no posts for a LONG time) without at least hanging up a Closed Sign. Well, this blog isn't closed. It's just been neglected.

So, I'm going to post clips again (with as much regularity as I can muster). To kick this event off, we're going to revisit JJ Abrams career in TV. Checking out his list on IMDB, I see that I've watched many, but not all, of his shows. I guess I'm going to have to rectify that!

His first TV show was Felicity. This one I've watched several times. I'd try to explain that obsession, but it would take more words than you want to read. The show lasted four years and it documented Felicity's four years of college. Many of the actors from this show will reappear on Abrams' future TV shows. Felicity aired from 1998-2002.

Did you watch Felicity? Are you a fan of JJ Abrams?