Monday, December 22, 2014

How Would I Ever Live Without You?

In searching for Christmas clips on YouTube, I came across this bit from Frasier. Honestly, it was a bit painful to watch. Sometimes, when something hits close to home, you cringe inside. My mom and I have been bickering very much like this for a while now. I can picture a volcanic eruption over something like Christmas lights. Merry Christmas!

TV Show: Frasier
Status: Cancelled


  1. It's hard when a parent cannot recognize you're grown and on your own. My Dad and I had some tough times; Mom was always the champ. I feel for your situation :)

  2. "Well, Merry #$%&@#! Christmas to YOU, TOO!"

    Ha! Yeah, I remember this one.

    'FRASIER' lasted for 11 Seasons, so they did a few Christmas episodes. None of the Christmas shows would be listed amongst my very favorites although they were pretty good. (A "pretty good" 'Frasier' episode is better than the very best episode of a lot of other TV shows.)

    The one I may have liked best was when these down-and-out people in a diner thought Frasier was even worse off than they were, and they take up a collection to buy him a meal. In the end, he has to try to sneak back to his Mercedes or BMW - whatever expensive car it was he drove. That was pretty funny.

    By the way, Girl Wonder, Season 1 - Disc 1 of 'Joan Of Arcadia' arrived in today's mail. I'll let ya know later what I thought of it.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Dixie ~ I've lived with my mom (or she's lived with me) for a while now. I think things were really pretty good before we moved to Florida. Actually, they were good until her separation from my stepdad escalated toward divorce. It took a turn for the painful when she joined online dating sites and it's pretty much been like this for a year now. I can't say it's brought out the best in either one of us.

    StMc ~ I'm working within the confines of YouTube.... so there you go. I hope you like JOA. Since I posted all of those clips for you, I've been hankering to watch the whole thing again myself.

  4. Excuse me for just seeing this response. I know things will work out for you and your Mom. I did want to thank you for visiting my dcrelief blog home this past year. It's nice getting to know you,(smile).